Who is Myriad Custom Furniture?

Why we make furniture?

Most people would be forgiven for thinking that any piece of furniture is just that; a decorative element in your home. However, that is not how we feel about furniture. To us, furniture is an experience.

We have spent over half a decade serving the unique needs of customers. In that time, we have learned that a piece of furniture takes more space in the heart than it does in any room. It can feel triumphant to get that headboard once you have received that promotion. It can feel ecstatic to have that statement sofa in your new family home that you have been saving for. It can be validating to have that chic cupboard or console that reminds you of the home of family and friends. Furniture is timeless. Not because just because good furniture lasts forever. But because the good memories can last just as long with it.

It is not just something you have. It is something you live through. It is a little piece of your taste, your adventures, and yourself coming to life. That is why we make custom furniture for our clients. We believe that when we handcraft your furniture, we are handcrafting experiences.

How we make furniture?

Our process is very simple because it is fueled by one goal. That goal is about making your vision come to life. This is not just about the way the furniture looks. It is also about the way the furniture makes you feel. We do not just look at your design's specifications but also contextualise them. Whatever you imagine using your furniture for, whatever the setting for your piece. We do not just want you to own an item. We want you to own a lifestyle; one that you envision for yourself.

Our team comprises experts who have been working in the fields of craftsmanship, design, and even architecture for multiple decades. These are people whose jobs have required them not just to make things, but to also think about how and why they are making them. We do not just have creators. We have problem-solvers. We pride ourselves on our ability to be able to create furniture that suits your needs and brings your vision to life.

Get a quote today!

You are one quotation away. It is as easy as just sending us a picture of what you would like. Whether it is something your friend got at a store, or pin in your board on Pinterest. Send it to us today and let us see how we can help. You can send an email to myriadcustomfurniture@gmail.com or send us a WhatsApp message at +27662393852. We looking forward to hearing from you.